Fully Customizable Panel PC's and LCD Displays

With increasing industry demand for cost-effective Panel PC solutions, we are busy expanding our offerings to provide you with a wider range of PPC options. Our solutions are designed to provide a broad range of customization options to meet your specific & unique requirements for various applications.


Semi- Industrial Multi-Touch Panel PC's

Prices starting from: R 5,820.00 incl VAT

This improved PPC-WRxx range of Panel PC's is available in a wide variety of screen sizes, including wide-screen options. CPU options include Intel Celeron J1900, Intel Core I5 and it can also be ordered with Android OS that runs on the ARM RK3288 processor.

The PPC's are all equipped with a 10-point multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen combined with a high resolution high quality LCD display.

These PPCs have been improved with the addition of  for a rear rubber seal behind the bezel for better sealing against dust. The thickness of the front bezel has also been increased to 5mm to provide more mechanical strength to the panel cut out area for better sealing. Lastly the design of the panel mount kit has been improved to provide strong mechanical clamping to the panel.

These improvements have been made without any price increase to the units which results in a product range comparable in features to other high end  Panel PC ranges while costing substantially less.

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LCD Screens

Prices starting from: R 4,950.00 incl VAT

This LCD-WRxx range of LCDs have the same mechanical dimensions and feature improvements as the above mentioned PPC-WRxx series.

They also come in a variety of sizes, they also have bezel sealing and strength improvements and are also fitted with the latest technology multi-touch projected capacitive touch screens. 

Like the PPC series these LCDs also have ability to be wall mounted via rear VESA mount kit.

Display input options include VGA and HDMI.

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HID Condition Monitoring Sensor Solution