HID Condition Monitoring Sensor Solution

CME is an official channel partner for HID in South Africa for the condition monitoring sensor solution that focuses on infrastructure health status insight and real-time telemetry information for preventative maintenance purposes.

Our BLE beacon sensors monitors both temperature (surface & ambient) and motion / vibration on X Y Z axis on all types of motors, pumps, gearboxes, bearings, HVAC and refrigeration infrastructure.  This information is sent in real time to the Bluzone cloud dashboard for data analysis and interpretation. Policies can be set to notify once readings exceed pre-defined thresholds, thus enabling maintenance crews to quickly identify pending faults and attend to them before they become critical breakdowns. Our Solution is:

Extremely cost effective
Easily deployable
Non-Invasive installation & very secure
Offers information in real time
Has a full range of API’s for customization

Promo Kits – R 5995.00 excl. VAT

(Special pricing can be requested for larger Promo Kits with more required sensors and Access points)

Promo Kit Includes

1x HID Blufi Access point

2x HID Beacon CM Sensor

3x Bluezone Enterprise License (1 year)

2x Bluezone Condition Monitoring License (1 year)

Some informative video material explaining these powerful tech tools.

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