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Centurion Micro Electronics

Centurion Micro Electronics
254 Lochner Road Company
Centurion GT 0157
South Africa
012 6669066
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Meet the Team

Our CME team is very dynamic in terms of skills and qualifications.  Some of our employees have been with us for over 15 years.
Loyalty is key. We are so proud of our team!

Peet Smit, Managing Director

The owner of Centurion Micro Electronics. Peet is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development CME, sales, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Andre Weideman, Sales Manager

Andre loves taking on challenges. With his 15-year experience as Sales Manager he's continuously finding new opportunities and products to help CME grow.

Damian Kohl, Sales & Technical

Definitely one of our most adventurous Sales Consultants. Always up for a challenge and an excellent team player. He also forms part of our Technical Team that assembles and tests our systems. He has been part of our team for 8 years now.

Dewald de Wet, Sales & Technical

Dewald's technical capabilities makes him a crucial member in the Sales, Technical as well as the Repairs team. He has an eye for solving problems and creating solutions. He has been part of the team for 7 years now.

Alicea Kelly, Marketing

Alicea is our dynamic Marketing Manager. She supports the team with marketing expertise, designs, videos, concepts and much more. She is also a systems expert and can easily grasp any new challenge. She has been part of the team for 3 years now.

Andani Mabunda, Technical & Repairs

Andani is our system repairs specialist. There is nothing that he can't fix. He is also moving into the field of software development, and he brings valuable knowledge to the team. He has been part of the team for 5 years now.

Lucya Fourie, Operations

Lucya is part of our Operations and Dispatch team. She is dedication to the job and has excellent work ethic. She works great under pressure and won't back down from any challenge. What a team player! She has been part of our team for 16 years now.

Rina Coetsee, Finance & Procurement

Talk about a jack of all trades. Rina applies her skills in our Finance as well as our Procurement department. She also fills the role of Peet's right hand and supports our entire team in terms of morale and well being. Rina has been part of our team for 8 years now.

Pontsho Mmusi, Dispatch

Pontsho is our Dispatch Coordinator. She is very organized, and definitely a team player. You will always feel welcomed with her friendly smile. She doesn't mind putting in an extra effort, and we are glad she joined our team.

Ursula Patel, Procurement (In Training)

Ursula is our new procurement administrator. She recently joined the team and is still in training. But so far, so good.

Martie Joubert, Reception & Admin

Keeping our clients happy one phone call at a time, Martie fills the role of our receptionist. She always lends a helping hand around the office and doesn't mind taking on tasks delegated to her. She's only been part of the team for a few months now, but we value her contribution.

Paulina Mathabela, Cleaner

Paulina is our loving and caring cleaning lady at CME. She has been with Peet and his family for ages and has been by his side from the day CME opened up it's doors. Loyalty and determination runs through her veins. She has been part of our team for 20 years now.

Donald Masisi, Maintenance & Gardener

Donald is definitely our most active team member. He makes sure CME doesn't fall into pieces. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, and to build up a sweat. We can definitely count on Donald to help out with any handy work around the office. He has been part of the team for 11 years now.