The Next-Generation Industrial Pi | 1.8” AMD Ryzen™ R2000 SBC



1.8" Pi SBC
  • AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R2000 Series - Picasso
  • Small form factor 1.8" SBC for space-limited applications
  • Single Channel DDR4 Memory Down up to 4GB/8GB
  • HDMI 1.4 resolution supports up to 4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz
  • Storage up to 128GB: eMMC 32GB/ 64GB/ 128GB
  • 10-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q2' 32 (Based on AMD Roadmap)

The All-New AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R2000

Featuring AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R2000 Series SoCs, PCSF51 is the next-generation 1.8” single board computer that boosts performance to a new level. This extremely compact credit card size SBC comes in an 84mm x 55 mm form factor with optimized power and sharp graphics. PCSF51 delivers significant performance uplift compared to the prior generation. It is applicable to meet the needs of industrial applications with the agility to scale the performance and power efficiency.

Robust Expansion Ports for Scalability

PCSF51 offers a wide range of scalability through various expansion slots, including SATA 3.0, USB 3.1, and M.2 expansion, to ensure compatibility and expandability.

Tailored for Industrial Applications

The PCSF51 is designed, tested, and built for outstanding durability amid extreme industrial deployments. By breaking the ceiling of processing power for a downsized board, It consumes extremely low power making it possible to be directly embedded and deployed for most mission-critical applications.

Small yet Powerful

The rise of IoT and Edge Computing has boosted the advancements of embedded systems that allow the migration of intelligence from the cloud to the edge. Single board computers create and fulfill various space-constrained application. So the tiny size of SBC is perfect for any embedded system application that requires powerful computing in a small form factor design, such as Machine Learning, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Casino & Gaming Machines, Robotics, Industrial Automation..etc. 

Industrial-Grade Long Term Support

With product life support up to 10 years, DFI guarantees performance, quality, and future repair and replacement.

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